Entertainment Technology Consulting

Entertainment Technology Consulting at your footstep

Pannon Entertainment, Inc. can provide entertainment technology consulting on a wide range of topics; including production, post-production, research and development, standardization efforts and integration of new technology into the current workflows and more.

Pannon Entertainment, Inc. stays always up to date and involved with the latest entertainment technology advancements for the entertainment industry.

Pannon Entertainment, Inc. being located in the center of the feature film and television business provides a unique insight and understanding of the latest technology and trends. Click here to read about our latest news. Please contact us for further details.

Pannon Entertainment Inc.’s lead EntertainmentTechnology Consultant:  Howard Lukk

Howard Lukk is well known as a technical leader in the motion picture production industry. He spent a decade working for the Walt Disney Studios where he was responsible for helping to incorporate new technologies into the workflow of the filmmaking process.

Prior to that, he was Director of Technology for DCI where he was responsible for researching and documenting Digital Cinema Specifications. Howard has always been an avid filmmaker working on furthering his career as a director.

He is currently a standard participation member for SMPTE and he is also an associate member of the ASC. He is also an active participant in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Science and Technology council .

Entertainment Technology Consulting
Howard Lukk at the SMPTE conference. source: https://www.smpte.org/

Pannon Entertainment is also available for the creation of test films on request. We have experience in developing and creating content that can test or showcase your technology. We have access to the best talent in town to create and execute your vision of the content needed to showcase your product or test your technology.

Check out our trailer for previously shot content that was intended to showcase HDR on your video page. Look for Emma. Full film is available on Amazon (unfortunately Amazon doesn’t distribute the film in HDR but we can also set up a demo for you). Make Believe was also a test film Howard Lukk created.